Data recovery

Hi guys, good day I’d just like to ask if it is, possible to recover the data of my progress, if it just suddenly got lost.

It started last month, I know that I can still recover or download my progress from the DQcloud but I lost some great items because of it, I can only download the latest save that i have obviously, my progress gets lost when my phone suddenly restart or reboot itself while I’m playing, It happened twice now just today
I just want to know how to recover my lost data or progress from my phone.

i lost two SDS item bcs of it and an elixer, master mythstones too
and i would like to know haw to avoid it next time.

Thank You in advance guys
God Bless us all.

whenever your app closes, it saves your data locally so no need to download via cloud. you will no longer be in the map you were in before your app closes as it’s like quitting out of the map and into the main menu. if you were on a challenge map, that challenge map is considered lost. but your items, xp, gold, etc should all be saved locally. only download via cloud if you’re gonna play on a different device or if u wanna load a previous save. otherwise once a data is gone, it’s gone :frowning:

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Get a cheap second device .Play on mobile. When your battery gets low then save progress and download to DQ2 on second device . When the battery gets low save progress and upload.