Deadly arts damage reduction

how does deadly strike affects the damage reduction when i equip deadly arts

2 Deadly Strike = 18% in Arena and when you use Deadly Arts you already have 18% DMG Reduction.

Deadly Strike % = DMG Reduction %

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thanks for help. but in PVE what if i have more than 100% deadly strike? does it mean 100% damage reduction?

Max is 60% still even if you use Epiphany +25% Max --> 60 x 25% = 75% Deadly Strike Max you only have 75% DMG Reduction. You are not Immortal at all. :blush:

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i test it and yes only 75 % hahah thanks for your response

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Deadly arts ftw! Not often used in PvP but in the right build, it can be pretty good and especially with the Anti Immortal Builds that deal loads of crit by coat and having many attacks at once through procs. It can definitely help for high damage builds but with the damage reduction as protection so that you can survive longer for more dmg.

Deadly arts, MP absorb , armour if possible, resist , crits, coat from vial , shields all if you have , equivalence , discordance if not equivalence , etc. So many options.