Deadly mythic pvp build looking for brains

Hello theorycrafters,

So the whole idea of this build is to deal the most damage with any mythic skill (it would be fun to see apocalypse shine with this).
Core items which make me think of this build will be eternal mythics that boost mythical skill dmg
Which are possible due to this items being able to roll new affixes after turning into mythics:

So as you guys can see i already tested to jasper the helm piece, still need to check for ruby, obsidian and diamond on it. Note: dont seem to be able to modify the item once it get all the affixes.
So since the whole idea is trying to push the mythic skill dmg maybe add some deadly strike dmg as well at some more myth skill dmg

So i figuered since we are building deadly strike why not addding deadly arts into play for some mitigation. So the set options and all afixes are open to any suggestions you guys come in mind.
Also we need to come with the best mythic skill for this, a decent way to proc it and a class to play with in first place (keep in mind that the staff will turn into a sword or chakram after jaspering it) .
All suggestions are much appreciated.

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for these Mythics, the Weapon can only have the MH Weapon or Resource Mythics, and the Hood can only have Head or Resource Mythics.

Crafted Eternals in the Arena.
you can change an Eternals Element. example: change Fire to Arcane. (Crystal Calcite)
you can change an Eternals Class. example: change Warrior to Rogue. (Crystal Jasper)
you can add a Myth Stone if the Eternal has an empty Socket. example: socket + (MS) Protest = +250 All resist.
Unreal Hood & Fabled Staff/Blade: there is 1 Hood and Weapon for each class. they have 4 Sockets each. you could put 1 Myth Stone in each Socket for a total of 4 Myth Stones.
you can add a Mythic Affix on these 2 Eternals if you know the recipe. when the Mythic Affix is created…
you can add any combination of 3 Normal and/or Epic Affixes.
example: on an Unreal Hood I make the Harmony Mythic Affix. the 4 sockets are used up to make the Mythic, and leave 3 empty spaces. I can now place a random Normal/Epic affix in each space using (Crystal Angelite) or place an Epic affix using (Crystal Topaz). Angelite is a bad choice, because, unless you are very lucky, it might take forever to get the affix you want. Topaz gives 6 choices when used, so you have a better chance to get the affixes you want. either way, what ever you pick is permanent. so if you don’t like the choices, you need to get a new item and start over.

all 3 classes have their own Unreal Hood and Fabled Weapon. @Dandoclase I hope this helps and saves you time and resources.


Obi crystal cannot be used on eternal

Only topaz is available.

Once all 3 slots are topaz’d, there’s no turning back for eternals