Deadly strike or crushing blow?

I’m trying to decide whether to socket deadly strike or crushing blow but am not exactly sure which one would be better.

Assuming I have max critchance% and max crit damage%, wouldn’t deadly strike be the better of the two? Unless there is something I’m not understanding about crushing blow. The description for crushing blow says damages 25% max hp but I know it doesn’t work on epic/legend/bosses etc so it seems kind of pointless to me? Especially when I basically one shot trash mobs so an extra 25% of their current health doesn’t seem like much.

I hope that this question made sense and thank you in advance if anyone can answer.

Go for deadly strike :slight_smile: and if u want, u can add brutality (x3 crit damage) also on ur chest.

Thank you! Unfortunately I can’t add brutality as this is on an eternal piece. Also do you know if you are able to remove and add sockets on eternal pieces? I stupidly put a +25% hp mythstone on an eternal ring that I’d like to switch out.

u can. ive try that before and it work.

Thank you. You answered just as I made another topic about it haha. So I could remove the 25% hp mythstone socket and simply add another empty socket to use another mythstone?


Thank you! Wasn’t looking forward to removing a socket then not being able to add another affix or crystal