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I’ve been an active reader for a long time coming, and been playing The best game ever (DQ) for a long time. As a casual “in-between-study-sessions-gamer”, I really can’t recreate all the amazibg builds in here. So now I’m playing around with a tanky, bleed rogue just for the heck of it.

So, my question is: how much does 1 point in armour contribute to to total damage reduction? And how much does AR? I know how the maths behind the game works as for DPS, but there really isn’t a whole lot about defence here…

And, one more thing: does bleed dmg come purely from BWD, or does ED compliment it as well? I mean, im far from done with my theorycrafted/as i go build, but atm i hit roughly 50M in average bleeds (largest = 150M ish). I know it ain’t alot, but it takes time while im testing without a huge pool of crystals :stuck_out_tongue:

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Something more cane up when calculating bleed DMG:

I use a chakram, wheras the BWD should be 60 (?).
Item level is set to 100, and quality to +25% (obviously). This gives me a chakram with BWD = (60)(1+100/20)(Max(1(100/20))) = 7800 if I’m not too far off from the codex.

If bleed damage is equal to 100% of BWD, 7.8k is my base bleed DoT (not including multiplicators such as bleed bms or durarion etc.)

To make my question from earlier more clear, is this the right way to calculate bleed? Ofc we have to add up the multipliers later on, though.

Or, does ED compliment to bleed as well? And multi/ekstra attacks for chakrams should really increase the bleeding, if ofc its the MH dmg that provides bleed.

Bottom line from my sloppy English writing: is it MH damage or BWD that sets the standard for bleed?

Take a look there ;)! Bleed takes the attack’s damage.

Regarding Armor Rating: Go for Dodge/Block/Sanctuary, especially at high floors.

DR from AR = AR/(AR + EnemyLvl*1000)

EnemyLvl = Floor/2

(it’s in the Formula section of the Dictionary)

Thanks alot. Guess I am really good at looking through the codex without looking, hehe.