Hey guys ive read many post and im still unsure : can amethyst roll defiant set? Thanks

Nope. drops only.

here is a post that will help you a lot.

Thanks a lot. Bly thibg is that it was posted in 2015 so i just wanted to make sure it was still the good info even tho we got few updates sinces

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that Post was updated 8 times by the original poster, @Emman, and 2 Mod’s, @Refia & @Skaul. March 2017 was the last update. thanks for the updates!!! :joy:

not sure if it shows it or not, but all WD% & WD+ restrictions are that they only go on Weapons. Epic MP Reduce +40% only goes on Weapons also, and like WD, only affects the Weapon it is on.

he does mention that all Block can only be rolled on OH Weapons, but can also be found on a few Warrior loot MH, Chest, Head, and Ring items.

he also mentions that all Extra Attack Chance can only be rolled or placed on Weapons, but it can also be found as loot on the Living Force Ring and Necklace of all 3 Classes.

other than that, everything else is up to date. thanks for asking @Tokiba

Wow thanks for the updated info seriously gonna make me save not only time but many crystals rolls :slight_smile:
Always good to see that the community is here to help even newbies like me :slight_smile:

Im almost done with my max 1 hit barrage build and we will see if i can go up to @Mr_Scooty damage pictures :slight_smile:

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