If anyone knows the desperation mythic can you update it on the Wiki?

It is sadly very missing. Alternatively, if you message me I will update it. Thanks!


Thank you, Shay!

@SHAY Alright, am I just having bad luck or is it impossible to roll an elemental damage increase or increase percentage on a manashield OH?

I am trying to replace my spellbinder rare that increases both elemental damage and percentage elemental damage with a mythic engima, and I have burned through a LOT of crystals so far with not one chance yet to increase elemental damage.

I am happy to keep trying, but I want to make sure I am not just earning stupid points right now.

Legend or Epic Elemental Damage % affix? Sadly I think Legend Elemental Damage % Increase Affix can only be looted, and not rolled. Hope this helps.


Legend Elemental Damage % cannot be attained via Ruby

For OH weapon with elemental damage here is a list.

(This was in excel form and it’s pretty cool that when I paste it here then it became an image automatically.
I thought I would have just copied the text.)

I havent gotten an Insolence yet, pretty frustrating at times honestly, lol. Even at floor 400+.

(That excel info is awesome, I have to try that some time.)


What about Epic elemental damage? Is that possible?

And does engima basically suck? I thought it would make me a lot harder to kill (at least my AI in the arena) but I have gone from periodically getting away rewards to not getting any today after enabling it. (Until I improve the damage it does reduce my initial damage quite a bit.)

You can get epic elemental damage on your equips via topaz or if you already have a epic affix you can change it with sapphire though you need a lot of sapphire as it changes one affix at a time.

The element also is the same as the element of your equipment. You can change the element via calcite.

You can use fluorite to max the affix.
Cap of epic element damage is 5000
Cap of epic element damage% is 20%

You can’t stack same affixes by the way even with Legend affix and epic affix.
Example you can’t get Legend element dmg% and get a epic element dmg% on a same gear

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