Im currently experimenting a build, and found out this mythic (desperation) seems not working . :thinking: @Golem can you try this dude . Hopefully im wrong with it.


I have never used it, but have read of Players who love it on their Builds.

some posts have said that it’s like having unlimited MP. from the description, you get MP equal to your MP Regen, so you would need enough MP Regen for your most used Spell, or highest Spell that is cast, on your Gears.

I guess that if your Spell is 5000 MP to cast, and you have 5000 MP Regen, you will always have 5000 MP to cast your most costly spell, and all spells that are lower, even if you only have 1 MP. but you need MP Regen. Epic is 500 and Crystal is 1500. some builds wont work, like anything that cancels out MP Regen. Blood Magic might not work with it either. read a post that mentioned it.

thinking about it, using resource reduction of some kind will reduce how much MP you need, reducing how much MP Regen you need. this has a +60% Cap, so you would only need 2000 MP Regen instead of 5000, using the example above. guess you need to think of how much space you need for unlimited MP. :smiley_cat:

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I see , so it means the larger the mana cost of spell the larger the mp that will recover according to mp regen . :upside_down_face: i get it now thats why i always ended up being killed. :joy: what a drag. Btw im testing it out o
On alchemy/Manashield . With high mp regen (permafrost,druidic) then getting all MP giving sets (satyrs,CV,Cosmicpower) Spellsword is optional to me. But maybe ill use Vampiric into it. Btw thanks @Golem for the explanation :smiley:

Btw, is there no cap limit to mp regen? I tried getting 20k mp regen. :joy:

there is a Cap to Regen, should be listed in the Stat Page in the Caps Listed. cap can be raised with Epiphany Set.

from the description, if you have even 1 MP, with 1000 MP Regen, you will always have 1000 MP to cast spells. if you have 1500 MP, 1000 MP Regen, and are using a spell costing 1300 MP, I think you would always have the 1000 MP with Desperation and only need to make up the 300 MP with MP on Hit or MP Leach of some kind.

Manashield requires a lot of All Resist. the Infusion Talent allows All Resist to be used to Reduce Damage done to Manashield while also increasing All Resist for the Manashield by +10% per Rank. with All Resist 10,000 and Infusion 40, you would have All Resist 50,000 for the Manashield. of course, if a hit takes out your Manashield, then you are stuck with only the 10,000 All Resist to reduce any damage that got through. Barrier 40 reduces the amount of Mana taken away from a hit by 60% (1.5% per Rank). so if 10,000 damage got past the All Resist, you only lose 4000 Mana.

the downside is that the higher the floor you are on, the less effective All Resist and Armor become, which is why Dodge, Block, Sanctuary, and others methods of not getting hit are better than All Resist, Armor, and Damage Reduction.

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Im thinking for a pvp build with desperation mythic as my core affix. I tried it before but it was on my warrior . Using alchemy desperation and vampiric touch / permafrost ( but now MP absorb didnt work with alchemy now ) sad