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Hmm I was using knock back , freeze, slow , so if 1 thing didn’t work the other ones will. I think I’m 4-0 vs him

Why are my arena points decaying?I remember having around 3221 points 10 hours ago and now I only have 3156 points.Do we lose points when our AI lose?Or does the points decay if we don’t play?

I’m not sure it’s possible. @Clogon might know :smile:

Because we implemented a floating virtual joystick, but there’s a few bugs with it that should be fixed in a patch coming very soon. We’ll also be added a toggle to switch between floating and fixed vstick

If you’re in Eternal league, it’s because you a being beaten by other players. You’ll have to beat them back to maintain your rank :smile:

I don’t have any questions yet but this is really nice @SteigerBox.
More power to you and DQ.


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Hi Steiger,
I’ve got question about Harmony mythic affix, this is the description from Wiki:

[quote]Whenever you restore HP, gain 25% of the HP gained in MP.
Whenever you restore MP, gain 25% of the MP gained in HP.[/quote]

Does HP/MP regen counted as “restore” in this case ?
Or only coming from leech/orb/potion/prayer ?

Yup! Regen works with Harmony :smile:

How many points do we lose per defeat?Do we lose more points for having higher streak?

I find it hard to move around using the new movement controls😰

A fix that helped me: Set the joystick size to small in the options. It makes it so much easier with floating controls.

Your points should gained should be rising per streak win, and points lost should be dropping.

Your streak represents the difficulty of your opponents that the matchmaking system is trying to find for you. It starts very easy ( lower gain, higher loss ) and rises to very difficult ( higher gain, lower loss ).

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I mean when our AI are playing for us, is it the same thing?

Please help me to check the projectiles. I asked this question in the previous, however only one person has response.
(previous answer)
I want to know the fully answer. Thanks a lot.

All I can find of projectiles in game are including barrage, comet, pierce, arrow, bullet, hatchet, thrown sword, rock blast. (I can not sure that whether other skills are also projectiles)

I want to check which projectile is not apply to these mythics, set, skills, and talent (listed below).

Exposed:Enemies that have been pierced by projectiles take 50% more dmg from all attcks

Timewarp:Summons field that slows everything within, adds (rank)% offhand DMG to bolts

Propulsion (Rogue): +1.5% Chance to knockback enemies with projectiles
Ambush (Rogue): +1% Chance for projectiles to spawn traps on impact
Bewilder (Wizard): Projectiles have a +1.5% chance to stun

Thank you for your reply.

And another one for rogue:
Stagger: Crits have a 1.5% chance to stun.

can defiant eternals drop from chests and vendor or only from a drop?

Defiant is a rare legendary. It won’t drop from shop nor from chest. You can only drop it from monster.

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regarding loot and numbers, checking the Mechanics behind total effective luck, gold, and item drop % , i find that it discusses how the stats are calculated and appear on the stat page but not how exactly loot drops, well, drop. as such, some questions i have are:

a) how exactly does item drop% work? if say i kill a monster and it drops X number of items, say 5, would having +100% item drops then yield 10 number of items upon killing? ( X + 100% = 2X = 10 )

b) as with a), same question with gold find. if i kill a monster which drops X number of gold, say 50, would it drop 100 gold then at +100% gold find?

c) how exactly does the rarity of the item come into play?

does it have chances to roll into a certain rarity (i.e. when an item drops, it first starts as a normal [white] item then rolls to see if it can become magic [blue] and when that succeeds, it again rolls to become rare [yellow] and so on)?

or do they drop based from a table (i.e. 40% white items, 25% blue, 20% yellow, 10% orange, so forth)?

or does it incorporate both? (ie items drop from table, if legend item drops, rolls for a chance to become eternalized)

d) for item rarity boosters (eternal, nadroji, etc), how do those work? like with the eternalized affix which gives +50% chance for a legend to drop into an eternal at level 1, would that mean that half of the legends i acquire over a period of time would be eternal?

or if the answer in c) is that it affects roll%, then if say a legend has a 0.1% chance of becoming eternal, would that then yield roll chance of (0.1 + 50) = 50.1%? or (0.1 *1.5) = 0.15%?

forgive me if i have too much queries about the mechanics.

tl;dr: i guess what i’m asking for would the formulas for those item drop%, gold find, luck and the rarity boosters (eternalized, nadroji).

That only thing that changed from AI playing is the MMR. This helps situations where players with powerful heroes only playing a few times, leaving their powerful heroes in common league. Through wins, their MMR will be boosted up so they are matched with more appropriate opponents.

The list of projectiles are:
Bolt ( Barrage, Comet, Pierce )
Rock Blast
Thrown Weapon

Will have to check the Exposed and the Talents to make sure they are all working 100% as intended, but they are all supposed to.

Only from Drops

It’s not exact, since each amount threshold is a different chance. 1 dropping vs 2 dropping vs 3 dropping, 3 dropping will be more rare, but possible. Basically I worked with these percentages and loot simulation to ensure that each change in item drop % resulted in roughly the expected increased item drops.

The gold drops are a bit similar, they will drop different pile types that are worth various values based on their size. The number given to these piles are then multiplied by Gold Find %.

This is pretty complicated, but don’t want to expose too much either :smile:

I don’t want anyone yelling at me who did the math and are expecting X number of legends to drop in a period of time :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s say the chance for any given Legend item be dropped as Eternal is 1 in 100. Increasing this chance by 100% would result in 2 in 100 chance.


haha. sucks that i can’t get to know the numbers, but i understand. wouldn’t want some of the players doing RNG abuse too ala Golden Sun/Fire Emblem from the good ol’ GBA days hehe. thanks for taking the time and answering my questions. appreciate it.

on another note, how does the mythic “effective” work? its description says that any element will always be effective so does that mean that if say i use fire on skeletons my attacks would still be effective? does the same also work with “greatly resists” monsters? how about for immune ones? does this also work with ascendent affix? checked with the search function and it seems that this mythic is bugged but threads talking about it pretty old so i’m wondering what it does now, if ever the effective affix is fixed.