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Splitting this topic off from another to keep things clean :smile:

If anyone has a question directly for us, please ask here and we’ll do our best to answer!

Questions can be anything DQ related, but we likely can’t answer much about patches beyond 2.1 :smile:


What are the unofficial patch notes for 2.1?

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Will be sharing them soon, once testing starts :smile:

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closed testing or open.? hehe

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We’ll do close first, then will see about doing open during the final week(s).

We really liked the open beta process for Battle Arena, and thankfully google makes it really easy now :smile:


cool, cant wait for that. anyway since 2.1 bring new mechanism. so i guess the arena season will be end around that time too right.?

As you’re online anyways Steiger, care to tell me the crystal legend droprate? Just to see how long it would take to get a crystal legend I set out on my quest to get one. With 250% crystal legend drop rate I have received 43 normal legends thus far, but still no crystal legend (that is assuming crystal legend droprate isnt halved because my hireling has no crys legend drop rate affix

im pretty sure the drop rate between crystal legend and eternal are same. the only thing that make it look like harder to find crystal legend is the affix viable in crystal version…

This is correct. The rate for either is about 1 in 100, at worst.

Well, just got an eternal.

funny thing while i equip eternalized before kill enslaver. after kill legend item drop. pick up. crystal legend. lol. inverted.

Steiger ive question, not get the answer yet anywhere. discordance: multi attack and EAC increase damage of special. but it didt tell how much damage it increase per multi attack and EAC. can u explain lil more about it.?

Basically we do the math for the chance of each additional attack to happen, and we directly increase the damage.

EAC is the hardest to understand, since each additional chance is reduced by 50% each time an additional attack is successful.

So for 4 EAC, it’s a multiplier of 1 + (.5 + .25 + .125 + .0625)
For 4 MA it’s 1 + ( 4 * .5 )

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okay thanks. now i know the role of Multi attack in my discordance build. thanks.

No! I know exactly where that is going! STAHP PLS! You wanna oneshot those people with 250k hp in arena or what? That oneshot build has gone too far!!! XD

@SteigerBox while we’re at it, could you take a look at this? I have some questions concerning multi and extra attacks too.

Q1: I have multiattack +2 and a 10% crushing blow affix. Does this mean that each time i press the attack button I have a 3x 10% = 30%chance to cause a crushing blow. (Disregarding pierce and other effects. Is this correct? If no, how does crushing blow work?

If the multi attack is not being used as a multiplier, then yes each attack will be physically made, and will have a chance to cause CB.

Q2: Is crushing blow considered a proc? What targets does crushing blow work on? I noticed it did nothing against a mythic enemy.

It’s considered an on-hit effect. There’s a formula for how effective it is on rarer enemies, which i think ( off the top of my head ) is Actual % Damage Taken = ( Crushing Blow % Damage Taken / 100 ) ^ Rarity Level ( 1 for normal, 2 for magic, and so on ).

Q3: I have a multiattack +2 affix and a +2 extra attack affix. I tested it and when I shot there were ALWAYS exactly 3 arrows coming out, even though the number should vary between 3 and 5, depending on how many extra attacks i get. Is this intended? How does the interaction between multi- and extra attacks work?

Some of the extra projectiles might not be showing due to overlap, but they should still be working

Q4: Can multi- and extra attacks cause crushing blows or proc storm, earthshatter, comet etc.?

Extra attacks do not cause procs, procs are only on cast

Q5: how does pierce work for the bow? The tier 19 mythstone has the effect +2 pierce on armor. How does it affect damage, does it proc proc effects, can it cause crushing blows?

Pierce was forgotten about in the last patch, and still needs to be fixed :frowning: Currently it does nothing.

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How do you beat the final boss in pvp? Timemage always win :sob:

Why is movement stick changes position everytime I touch the screen?