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I’ll answer these soon, hopefully in next few days! Been a bit busy lately, but letting you guys know I haven’t forgot about you :smile:

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hey, no worries! we understand. i take it that you guys being busy means 2.1 is about to done, no? anyways, thanks for getting back on us.

It’s more of a mechanics answer/reason than a design one. The easiest way for us to implement special swapping was to have it be based off the weapons stats, like all skills already are. We didn’t go out of our way to make things like Hero Skills improve out of class skills because not only would it be confusing, but mechanically it just doesn’t work like that. Hero Skills improve only the skill that they say they do.

Lastly, we do want keep some sort of identity for each class, so while there’s some hybridization possible with changing specials… talents, hero skills, and primary all stay unique to its class, and that’s by design.


Damage is computed much like damage for any spell is computed. At the moment you cast, the minion uses the same damage as a Twister or Comet would.

Similar to Damage, the Total Health Value you have at the moment you cast is given to the minion. They also take on your Resists and Armor values as well. Lastly, they take 25% of your regen as well ( which isn’t explained anywhere, and that’s our bad :slight_smile: )

This is correct

Any mitigation like this is only for the caster, not for the minions.


heya, and happy holidays!

just curious about some formulas from the game’s dictionary. i checked the forum and found this:

but on the in-game dictionary the last bit says you multiply the whole quantity by AS, NOT divide. so which is it then?

also, where is element damage based from? i just happened to notice that on the stats page of any weapon, it only shows DPS, the min-max base damage and APS but no element damage. from the dictionary it says that ED and ED% are taken across all gear equipped but it doesn’t seem to show–unless by flat ED and ED% you mean the resist that shows on armor, but what about the MH and OH then?

lastly, about the formulas regarding DMG after armor/resist, where is the armor/resist part based off of? i don’t suppose that the formula takes into consideration the player’s armor and resistance in a damage formula for enemies, no? if not, do you guys have a list or chart of how much armor/resist a monster has? (for resistance, i am aware of the affix greatly resists [element] but just how much is the difference between it and a monster’s natural resistance value?)

thanks in advance and happy holidays!!!

Once all of the immune affixes like “taunt immune” or “fear immune” will be implemented, timemage will be pretty easy to kill, for now he is just using affixes which don’t have immune yet, once this “trick” fixed… :wink:

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First of all i want to say Thank you for the free buff. it freaking awesome because those buff is what i really need lol. the question is,

  1. are those buff have expired date or not.? i mean are those buff will gone in my msg imbox even if i don’t use it yet after X period time or it will stay until i decide to use it.? just asking that because i plan to use it once open beta or official 2.1 patch released (want to use it at the right times lol)

  2. Ive check in codex under Affix category i check ALL PROC description it say increase % of all chance to proc, While in mythicstone category on Master mythicstone description it say increase % of all chance for SKILL to proc. AFAIK all proc only come from MASTER mythic stone. According to discription under AFFIX on codex it should effect all chance affix like explosive. while under Mythicstone it say skill so basicly it should only effect skill type affix like taunt proc, coat proc eth. Can u help me with this.? i try it already but with all damage i deal and the number and all the thing poping on screen its really hard to tell. It will be much better if u could explain about how far ALL PROC affix effect like if it effect chance for ambush talent (rogue) to drop trap, mythic skill, chance for Explosive to trigger eth

Thanks in advance.

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Happy Holidays all :slight_smile:

Dictionary is correct here.

If you do 200 damage, and attack 2 times a second, that’s 400 damage per second. Was so concentrated on getting the parenthesis correct that we overlooked that wrong divide :slight_smile:

Comes primarily from item affixes, the weapon itself only provides weapon damage.

Players are the only entity that use this formula, and the armor/resist comes from your gear. For enemies, they use a separate system that just straight up reduces or increases damage from elemental sources. “Resists Ice” will have ice damage dealt by reduced by 50%, while increasing damage dealt to it by fire by 25%.

They shouldn’t expire

This is incorrect, it only affixes affixes that explicitly say “proc”, and will only increase the “proc” chance for the following:
Meteor Proc
Orb Proc
Storm Proc
Twister Proc
Time Warp Proc
Earthshatter Proc
Torrent Proc
Throw Sword Proc
Bomb Proc
Stealth Proc
Mirror Image Proc
Taunt Proc
ShieldWall Proc
Sprint Proc
Coat Proc
BlinkStrike Proc
Sentry Proc

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thanks for the answer steiger. anyway when will open beta start? i think it been a week or almost a week closed beta start now since i saw some tester teasing with update content lol.

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(whistles sheepishly)

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1st in my leader board is CLOGON, and in my friend is DIS, why are having different leader board?
Is this by division ? or the league? or he’s in on a cheaters league? (but i’m not sure if he really cheat).

Your friend was likely flagged as a cheater through some of our detection methods. If they feel like this was a mistake, they can always contact our support and we can further analyze their account :smile:


Sorry to break it out to you but DIS is a real cheater. His pets were duped. There’s no explaining how his characters have two of the exact same eternal pet with the exact same affixes.

Mythic proc like emperyan/nova/bombard etc, count like “proc” for Mayhem and Maelstorm sets?
I mean “For each unique spell proc…” - Bombard count? If yes, will it have +%Proc DMG. Same with Maelstorm.
Also some sets have proc, ie Cerebral Vortex, Periphery, Terrashaper… have same questions

Does explosive function on hit or on attack basically would arc Dodge procing be able too cause explosive too activate

Does anyone actually know why Bleed Damage and Fire Damage are so high in the Battle Arena? Does the DQ team have any current plans near term to fix this disaster in the Battle Arena? Was 62K bleeds and fire dots the intention of the DQ staff for people to two shot each other in the battle arena?

They are intended to be high because they are based on your damage and have a lot of multipliers. Just use perserverence and defensive stats to reduce its damage.

will weaken from one toon affects the others toons elemental damage?

Nope, weaken just affects the attacker’s attacks