Deviant and Maelstrom drops? Anyone got them yet?

I know these are newer compared to the Nardoji, anyone find them yet? What floor were you playing? Do you use them?

it drop random. i have 4 wizard munity. 7 ragnarok hammer 6 vacus scorpio bow and alot nadroji robe eth. probably will sell since i dont need them anymore lol

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Wtf man …how are you getting so lucky!

i am a lucky guy. lmao.

I’m guessing literally lucky, as in geared with lots of luck bonuses lol.

that is another thing. lol. what i mean with im lucky is blessed lol. if 10 eternal item salvage and 4 become obsidian 1 amethyst 3 ruby 2 zircon. what u call this.? lol

Found a few at 350-400+ But I think as of now the also drop at 101-200. It’s pretty rare. I think nadroji helps is finding them.

Just farm patiently and someday you’ll get butloads of them in the future…

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Well I just got my first Nadroji around floor 130 so maybe I’ll get lucky and find more!

Hmm, I’m an ordained minister. Thinking I should start blessing my gear lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow. I want a maelstorm slicer but I havent had any luck yet. THE ONLY LUCK IVE GOT SO FAR IS FINDING AN ETERNAL LEGEND WHEN I RESTARTED MY ROGUE AND STAGE 3.

What if you used a jasper on an item twice in order to attain a different skill ? For instance let’s say I want mutiny as a wand and not a gauntlet, because I’m a wizard- I find the warriors version of mutiny, apply a jasper to it but select the rogue class instead. Then apply another jasper and select wizard.

Would the.weapon type differentiate or would I always end up with a gauntlet? I haven’t had time or the resources to test this myself.

If you use wizard mutiny weapon which is gauntlet and Jasper it to Rogue, it would become a Bow. Then if you Jasper it again back to wizard, it would return back to the original Gauntlet form. In general Jasper works like this so you can switch back to original weapon form.

We’re on old thread though but ok.

Not entirely the same thing. I’m saying using a jasper to cycle through all the classes. Not from one class only to reverse it.

And old thread yes. I’m a relatively new player.

Quicker info given this way than me having to sift through pages of what will most likely be useless information for me till I eventually get to the answer I wasn’t hoping for. :expressionless:

But okay. :v:

:confused: .

Ultra rare items are not as hard to find as before plus if you find one you can just sell or convert it ( that is if you dont need that item yet) as you can just craft one with dust.

Why is maelstrom special… :sweat_smile:

So for a maelstorm to drop, it needs to be dropped by a powerful enemy. What is considered a powerful enemy?

got a maelstrom dagger :smiley:

Close Reason: Necropost