Devs i need an explanation on this

the highest floor that reached on the leader boards is a guy named Alam which is 2.174 Billion floors(mythic 3 difficulty) which is not highly possible cause if my calcularion is right it will took him 23162. years( 8454166 days)to do that if we assume that he/she finish every floor in under a minute. If im right even the word computer doesnt even a word at that time

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those are known cheaters/hackers. when the Dev’s reset the leaderboards, it starts all over again. if you go down a few pages, you will see where the highest floors reached are just by climbing up the floors normally.

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Bebebruce your observation just made me laught and spit out my coffee. Well said :joy::joy::joy:


i might be having a eternal rest before i get to that billion floor

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:headstone: lol!