Diary of a newbie (week 2)

Progress is grinding to an halt. Currently placed at 141 in legend pvp league. Time to rethink my build. I like the aftermath build combined with twisters and boneshield but I’m reconsidering using summons


look for mayhem ring

you may consider using procs then

What are procs and talents. How do I get them etc

Well, a summoner build is pretty powerful, but it’s not so good to rely only on your minions, having like, Palgued Bonus would help since it’d make your Storm stronger, or playing with orb and reactor for example.

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Procs are legend affixes (can be obtained via ruby) which has % of casting certain spell. Such twister proc often casts twister, meteor proc often cast meteor, etc.

Talent is a special bonus of your equipment (+20 at level 100), such empower, necromancer, etc. For detailed information, go stats third sheet.

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The Diary of dickwad. Love it.


nice :smiley: dickwad killed my rogue in AI :smiley: when I won arena battle 2 times with you with the scattershot. Nice Gameplay. Just Recalled :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the information and complements :blush: I am now level 97