Dickwads apocalypse builds



Ahhhh yes recall


Nice pics. I hope not to fight you in the arena. But if have to I hope I win (not going to happen although).


Awesome build! Also @SamuelMG , you WILL Win.


You can win :wink::wink:


Its a under powered versus any class build. And that’s how I want it. And if anyone’s wondering why I have crystal luck affixes , its because these characters are crystal farmers



That’s great :slight_smile: :thumbsup: . Keep up the good work :parrotbeer: .


Cheer’s mate. I am currently crafting a warrior weapon into a apocalypse weapon.

I need some sockets :grinning:


I am considering removing epic plus skills affixes and replacing them with procs as they don’t look so sexy on PVP after nerfs. Any ideas anyone ?


Just mythic procs, cause they have 30% chance. Legend procs have only 9% chance on PVP, which means they will almost never proc. Epic Skills affixes are very good, unlike you’re saying, cause they increase your skill damage by at least 15% damage (this is usually better, because they also increases APS, hit frequency, etc.). Now tell me: Can you list how many affixes gives 15%+ damage on PVP? You won’t find too many of them.


Thanks for the advice


Just had a crazy idea to make this build awesome with an eternal fabled staff with legend proc affixes. Mayhem and maelstrom.spirits and command.twister and skullshield as procs.


lol. creativity. you got it goin on eh. :slight_smile:


Hmm maybe better idea…


Ah ha when I first started. I’ve basically kept the same ideas but developed from apocalypse to chimera to deadly sins. Thread finished (unless someone has an amazing idea lol)