Dickwads jaspering encyclopedia

This guide will take me ages. The idea is to class convert every eternal item into all classes and publish screen shots here. So be patient as it will cost me a fortune in crystals. I will not be commentating as the pictures will speak for themselves.

Woa there. Theres an easier way! Stopp

(I think the images dont show properly on the forums, just open them to see them properly…)

affixes that give + to a skill or talent when jaspered will change to the corresponding skill/talent of the new class. Except on pets, in this case the affix is ignored and does nothing, for example wraith on a pet wont work for wizards and rogues.
When a lance is jaspered it becomes either wand or pistol, etc.


Right lol. Look at your skill or talents tree between classes and the corresponding skill or talent will emerge. I will just put interesting conversions on here and maybe suggest builds. Thanks @TeaCup

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