Dickwads newbie diary

I’ve dropped every crystal in my first five ish weeks apart from the highest. Nice drops on legend maps even though easier than mythic. So for speed runs I farm legend maps

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I don’t remember when I got an obsidian for very first time, but I remember thinking: It is impossible! LOL


Not chosen to ascend yet but when I do my chosen perk will be dealer. Money makes life simpler than the winner of a something simple competition.

yeah yeah, don’t think two times in clicking dealer perk, not having it is a sure issue.

Always ascend asap. The perks are worth it. +1 for going dealer perk first. I didn’t and did not have the gold to do my second ascension without farming a bit (the cost goes up each time).

Also make a hunter ring asap and put it on before hitting shrines and regen pools. Killing epics is a quick way to get hero points fast.

Thanks for the advice

OOOOH I’ve dropped an eternal imp with trickster set bonus :smiley:

Lol nice.