Dickwads very brief guide to using procs in pvp


Only procs on eternal items spawn (eg maelstrom and mayhem items with procs near the 50 percent mark ). Pvp cap will reduce them to about 20 %. But using eternal items stifle creativity. So I recommend that you use an eternal cataclysm ring couple with eternal nadroji amulet. That will see you right for procs and all sets with massive bonuses to talents and skills. The rest of your items can be crafted towards your build whatever it is. Yes so you are stuck with nadroji as a set but I think it’s forgivable. Pop a few masters for all procs bonuses into other items if required. Use mythic words (many are procs). Activate any proc talents too via crafting. It all stacks. However the deadly sins sets boosts any proc you apply to it. Tested it tonight. Was gobsmacked


haha, well I’ll be sure to reread this when I get far enough to get the Nadroji set, havent dropped one yet. Only on floor 280 tho.


Do spend runs floor 100 plus. Don’t go too high because the higher you go the more chance you have of getting any item other than the one you want. Farm where it drops