Different episodes or monsters?

Are you guys planning on adding episodes or more monsters in the future?


Right now no, we are currently not working on new monsters for DQ. We are working on some other things and we hope to be able to share some info with the forum next month.

We do have a holiday patch coming out for Dungeon Quest (we hope this week) as well!


@tdaniel i hope der wil be new vanity aura reward and improvement in ai control of toons. More pvp reward for top pvp players. Too motivated more players play pvp

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The eternal back was already removed from the inventory of everyone and you had to earn it back by reaching top 3 so there are more rewards for top players they’re the same old rewards minus the bugs =P :smile:

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Sounds good @tdaniel. I look forward to some xmas thing. Between the forums and the game you guys are doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work.

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