Difficulty dungeon help

Please help what should i choose the difficulty for the dungeon floor at beginner from zero?

thanks for answearing

and also please tell me what should stats i upgrade? full power?

sorry for bad english

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@Vez , welcome to Dungeon Quest Forums!

Very Easy is the easiest for beginners, as the other 7 Difficulty Levels increase the Health and Damage of your Enemies. Also, the other 7 Difficulty Levels give your Character Boosts with Luck (this increases your chances of better Items, Crystals, Myth Stones, and Equipment, Crystals, and Myth Stones that are bought in the Shop), Gold Find, and Experience Gained. you get rewarded for fighting tougher monsters.

Fight on Very Easy so you can learn the game, and as you learn more, try out the tougher Difficulty Levels.

this is also a good time to experiment with which Class you want to use, as you need to spend real money to get extra Character slots.

in the early game, all 3 Characters need Power for Damage, Mana to use your Skill/Spells, and Health to stay alive. Rogues get extra Dodge when they put Stat Points into Power. Warriors get extra Armor when they put Stat Points into Health. Wizards get extra All Resist when they put Stat Points into Mana.