Disappearing Mythstone

I only recently tried playing 1.8 and immediately came upon a bug. I keep all crystals in stash1 and all mythstones in stash2. I was consolidating all my crystals and mythstones. So i tookObsidian and placed it in stash3. I did the same with the top tier mythstone. After consolidation i was about to return obsidian and top mythstone to their places. But i could not find the top mythstone. I converted 2 2nd to top mythstone, placed it in stash3 again. And it disappeared again. I lost a total of 23 top mythstone. Not asking for those back, just thought you’d know.

I still recommend you to do all the conversion of ms and cs in first 4 bags of player control character (instead of stashs and bags of hireling)

I had the same problem…I moved obsidians between hirelings and main character, and lost only obsidians on two occasions. I could never pin down exactly when the loss occurred. I’m glad you can be more specific in locating the bug, but it sucks that it happened at all :frowning:

Crystals and Mythstones behave oddly in stash. Are you sure the converted ones didn’t appear in your bag?

Here’s a short version of what I’ve experienced.

Move all kyanite (any crystal, just picked one by name) from bag to stash.
Pick up a kyanite from the dungeon.
Move kyanite from stash to bag.
Now TWO slots are used for kyanite. The ones from the stash and the one I found on the dungeon floor.
Happens with mythstones and crystals.

My suggestion, which only works if both characters are the same class and near the same level, is to move the piece of gear from hireling to stash. Modify it in the stash using your main character (the one with the crystals and mythstones), then equip the hireling with the item you crafted.

Like i said, i moved the top tier mythstone from stash2 to stash3, so i can consolidate all my mythstones into stash 2. When i went to stash3 it was gone. Checked everywhere nada. Tried to trace the problem. I converted the 2nd top mythstone. It appeared in my inventory. Placed it in stash2 it was there. Then moved it to stash3 and it disappeared again.