Discordance and bloodmagic, work?

So um, heres the thing.
My off hand is Bloodmagic + No mythic amulet = 378hp cost

and then this
OH bloomagic + Discordance amulet = 400hp cost! Why??? Idnt have any -resource cost on either amulets.

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It won’t work. Both are a resource system. Only one per build will work. If you have Discordance and Bloodmagic on the same build, one is working while the other is doing nothing.


Yeah thats the thing. Why theres difference in hp cost?

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This would be a question for @Golem

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well, lets say your Primary Skill is 500 MP and Special Skill is 1500 MP.

with Discordance, the Primary Skill will be 1500 MP lowered by the Primary Skills -1% per Rank Mana/Resource (not sure which) cost and the Special Skill would be 500 MP.

with Bloodmagic the Resource is HP with Skill costs doubled. the Primary Skill would be 1000 HP and the Special Skill would be 3000 HP.

I’m guessing the Discordance Mythic cancelled the Bloodmagic Mythic or the other way around and that maybe there is a bug that caused one Resource Mythic to affect the others Resource that showed up as different HP Skill cost values. plus, I don’t know if there are other affixes or Natures that might be affecting things.

I would suggest taking either the Bloodmagic or Discordance off of the Build and problem solved. like @DJC posted, you can only have one Resource Mythic on any Build.

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