Discordance bugged? (Resolved)

Is discordance bugged I just made a discordance ring and put it on my rogue and it didn’t swap the stats of the skills like is says it will even in the stats page it doesn’t swap the stats

Did you try casting anything? If your using chackram then it doesnt work very well with discordance because of how its attacks pattern themselves

Yes I did and I’m using a dagger

Do you have any other resource systems then? Like enery, fury, alchemy or bloodmagic? I believe there are more but i dont remember

Aaaaah yes I do have bloodmagic it interferes then?

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Most likely. Blood Magic takes priority over other resource systems.

Yeah damn the fact that they don’t stack kinda makes discordance useless would the legendary affix of blood magic work with discordance?

Ehh, not really. I don’t think that affix exists anymore. I’m not sure, actually. The mythic replaced it, I believe. Discordance is just very difficult to use properly. i.e. LOHKO. Best skills to use it with, imo, are Meteor and Volley.

That’s useless it’s such an awesome ability too welp

If you want a good resource mythic for chakram, or anything except rapid attack weapons, use energy. At full energy, +100% WD. :smile:

I wanted too do a dagger rogue that just focused on using earth shattering and earth quake while teleporting around as fast as possible forthe fun of it when it comes too general pve ;-;

Yeee I know I’ve got some experience with most affixes top 3 eternal before my tablet kicked the bucket a while back ; D

Ahh, if you want really quick Blinks, just use the Ninja set affix.

Yeah I know but that’s no where near what you would get from discordance and you have too invest way too heavily into ninja too do anything else fun with it ;-;

Actually, I’m working on a Blink build. It may not be as good as it would be with an altered Discordance, but Ninja works well with a Blink proc or two, All Sets +4, and Obsidian Daggers. Multi attack and high attack speed combined with the proc potential is almost too much on my eyes.

Petition too buff the crap out of how much it costs too make a price of discordance gear and then too just have it work with other resource systems

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Hahaha. +1

How well does the blink proc work with it can you reach 100% proc or are they multiplicative?

Well, Quick Attack decreases the CD of Blink, so, with multi attack, proc, and ninja, Blink occurs a few times every second or two, along with when you press Blink. It’s quite crazy.

Procs are supposed to activate less with higher attack speed, but for some reason, with Ninja, I’m anyways blinking.