Discordance meteor. Need help

My concern is only, i am not able to deal billion dmg xD. Just that, any modifications so that i can have billion dmg on this set up. Discordance meteor. Unlimited meteors! I want to put AoE as well. Pls . Thank u.

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One thing that catches my eye is your amulet. Inferno only increases ED damage if you use FIRE element. In other words, if your build is Poison, the set will have no effect. It’s misleading because there should be a tiny fire element symbol at the arrows…


Oh yeah. Ill change that one. What set suits my gears btw? Thank u!

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Masochism can be an easy way to get some free damage, and the masochist amulet also comes with push the limit, which can be good as well.


My builds focus on farming, but I will hit in the billions with crushing blow on higher floors since CB takes a percentage of their HP and higher floor enemies have more HP. CB damage shows in a greenish color.

@Golem will be of more in depth help.

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Yeah. I am hitting B’s but not that often. I like my meteors now compared last time. Hehe. I love discordance, but i hate the dmg being switched as well. Hero pts need to go to Meteors yeah? Regardless of discordance.

Yeah i miss @golem as well. But thank u too @djc and @vvyvern.

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start from the basics and use pencil & paper to do the math so you don’t waste resources.

Gauntlet is (64 x 26 x 5) + (Power x 1.25 from Empower 10). then figure it out with +200% WD%, +500% ED%, +600% Blight, damage from 10, 20, & 50 enemies affected by Poison DoT.

have a check sheet with all Damage affixes, talents, skills so you don’t forget anything when you do your math.

you’ll want to know your max damage, then Poison DoT damage, Toxic damage adjusted by Blight, and the critical damage & deadly strike for the max damage and for Toxic damage.

since you are using Weaken, don’t forget to adjust damage based on which Element Map you are on… well, you have Effective Mythic so it’s the same for all lol.

this way, you’ll get an idea of what you really need on your build to get at least a billion damage on a hit.

if you want an easier way, go with Ice and Frostbiting. Frostbiting gives +100% damage to any attack on an enemy that is Frozen from Elemental Crit. after you get an idea of what getting your billion damage looks like with Ice, you can try it with the the Element of your choice.

it took me some time to get my first billion, and I haven’t had a billion damage build for a few years since I’ve been focused on farming and trying out different build ideas. and now I know more than I did back then… :smiling_imp: .

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my only billion damage build was with Ice. I think I also got it with an Ice based Prismatic build to get damage from Amplify. plus I had maxed crit damage with deadly strike with brutal mythic. but I didn’t use Frozen Set, I thought it wasn’t really a great Set for my build.

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