Discordnance && Multi attack

Hello, I was trying out discordnance mythic and been wondering how exactly does multi attack work with Wizards skills. I know that Storm cant possibly get better with discordnance, but I hoped that I’d be able to cast 5 orbs at a time and such… Could not do that either, always one. Does multiattack buff its dmg or something? Thanks for response.

depending on the spell, some show an, extra spell that does the extra damage, and other spells just do the extra damage. the Cool Down and Attack Speed get switched also, so you would use Attack Speed instead of Cool Down to cast Orb faster, Multi Attack would give your Orb +50% damage for each +1, the spell cost would be the same as your Primary skill (doesn’t include Primary skills cost reduction, if it has one), and Skilled Mythic would continue to work with the Primary Skill and not the Orb. also, the Orb is doing Primary skill damage, so instead of 200% weapon damage, it’s doing 150% on Gauntlet, 125% on Sword, and 100% on Staff or Wand. and that’s 10 times a second, 11 with Orb 20, and 12 with Orb 40.

hope this helps.

It does, thanks a lot.