[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers

@dickwad lol, those Seven Deadly Sins cheat items are too funny, and you still beat them. that is the best!!! great hack report you sent in!

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@Golem the deadly sins cheats are not really good pal. If I was a cheat I would have a little more imagination. Deadly sins relies on the set bonuses and increased chances of things happening. The cheaters truly don’t understand the deadly sins set.

what I meant was that those items and the changes they made are so obvious that it is kind of funny.

I know you have done a lot of work with SDS Builds and shared a lot of info, and the rest of us can go forward with some of our own SDS Builds because you are one of the Pioneers of Good SDS Builds!

to be honest, the fact that the cheater didn’t even make use of the SDS parts of the items makes me wonder why they are even playing Dungeon Quest at all.

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Exactly mate @Golem. The 7DS is such a funny and unusual set that it’s blatantly obvious that the hackers have no idea about the game or set. They want easy wins without involving any thinking.

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more impossible pets when compared to codex.

How does this Eternal Stone of Nadroji has Rage set??

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These items are cheated,right?

This is extreme cheating.

That negative health cannot die at all.

Anyone out there who wants the true immortal craft? :rofl:

This one is even too despicable for the banned league.


nice, I thought Stigger-Bolt looked a lot like @SteigerBox . thanks for calming our fears and concerns @tdaniel .

@NUIQUE that Eternal Scout with 2 Sets and a Seven Deadly Sins Curse is crazy. not to mention a Crystal Affix & 2 Legend Affixes, and that Pet looks a lot like an Eternal Quartz Scout. wow, putting a SDS Curse on a Quartz, kind of makes me nervous. haha/lol, just noticed the -700 Starting HP! :rofl: x 10k.

to be honest, I have had an Overload & Terrashaper combo Build flitting around my mind for awhile, but not sure it would fit my play style.

I bet there were some cheaters saying ‘woah! even I’m not crazy enough to do a cheat like that!’


Please remember to put the reports in the (report only) post. I do not look in this channel all of the time to scan for accounts I should review.


@dickwad I can only guess that a Beginner thought your Eternal Pet was hacked or a poor loser decided to get back at you this way.

on the other hand, it could be an honest mistake and you just have to wait until the Dev’s take a look and make a decision.

to be honest, from all the posts on the subject, I can’t really think of a good reason to use Eternal Items/Pets in the Battle Arena. no matter how good they might be in a Build, they all have targets on them.

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@dickwad You got banned because you liked my comment about the developers being not knowledgeable is an account is hacked or not. The developers take things on a personal level in this game.

Hi Jonees,

Please do not speak for the developers. You have no insight into what decisions are made for any reasons and it seems that the only functions your posts serve are to be rude an ill informed.

If you cannot conduct yourself in an honest and respectful manner please do not comment on our forums.



@tdaniel I would not have commented such if you didn’t put 4 of my accounts in the banned league. I have proof that all of those accounts are not hacked but your support team just said “I have not accessed your save game”. When I sent screenshots of my legends found(proof that I farm a lot), your support team just replied "I don’t have access to your legends found.

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if a Cheat & Hacked Build is in the Eternal League, and you can only see a bunch of ?'s on their Items, and you defeat them, I don’t think it really matters. if there is another way to see if they are cheating and you report them, well, they shouldn’t have cheated in the first place.

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I like @NUIQUE s observation about the random elements attached to various items used by a suspect build. I like detective work.


I really liked @tdaniel response to that! :+1:


Well if they can’t be bothered to unify the item elements the presumption is that the build would be so overpowered regardless. I’m going to keep an eye on the arena a bit more vigilantly :face_with_monocle:


So very hardly cheater deducted like STIGGER-BOLT😱 explain whut the…
Need corespondings reply lets talk about this.