[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers

Is it possible to determine whether you are in cheating league without being in eternal div 1 (if you are there you can tell by the people in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place)? There are some people posting a lot of cheaters… but maybe the reason is they are in cheater league.

Sorry, i was wrong, delete. Itought it’s cognition to conviction, sorry :frowning:

He is legit! He’s my mate…

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Easiest is in banned league my friend, meaning your also in banned league. :blush:

What makes you think Vanomancer_AS is a hacker? The Eternal Conviction is fine so is his pet.

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I reported item name in topic below.

Also you can’t add block with obsidian to MH but you can loot item with Crystal block.

Hey @Dictionary What’s wrong about the “ETERNAL CONVICTION” ??? Did u think isn’t possible to have that ? isn’t possible to have an ETERNAL CONVICTION w/ CYAN AFFIX ? . before u doubt kindly check the item first in the codex list,just to make sure that is edited LOL ! :joy_cat:

Hey! What’s about this tool @Dictionary? or I mean Cod3x? By logic application last season 1, you are the one hiding in the IGN: Cod3x and also you two are in the same league (Eternal Division 1). That tool is a hacking tool according to the Pinoy Dungeon Quest Players (FB Group). So we must say, how will you explain those stuffs?

huh? But i can use jasper to eternal to changed class… beryl to changed nature, calcite to element and last is Citrine to changed talent… eitherway Topaz if is only Mythical set item… if you already build the mythic affix

so did i cheat? even my friend can use jasper also…

LOL how ironic. A cheater using a hacking tool accusing someone a cheater because he thinks the item was edited.

At it’s finest. what’s funny is, on his next reports he covered the hacking tool icon but LOL

Please review the codex or backread before posting :slight_smile:

The name is a bug. and yes it is possible for hammers to get crytal block thanks to:

it is one of the reasons why I am jealous of warriors since they get unique Crystal Legend affixes like this one.

Aye sir, my apology i will delete my report about that thanks for info i didnt know Gelid Smasher haha i think i need to memorize the Legendex

I undeleted your post to use as a reference for a bug report.

I guess his in the banned league! Btw, @f00kee is Abnersikat a legit one?

@Akihiro_hosyu I guess you forgot something, Ragnarok items have the Weapon DMG% Affix instead of Elemental DMG% (or commonly, fire DMG%) also only Ragnarok items have the Control Duration with the Defiant Affix. Terrashaper set affix is only available in IMP (I forgot the name.

look at his weapon is this normal?

Yes. Mythical Eternals are the only ones you can edit because once you put a mythic in, you lose 3 affixes and can then apply topaz and angelite to it.

You know he could have farmed/bought it

No he can’t