[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers

whoa whoa. look who’s reporting. dont u know u’re playing in banned league? LMAO

i have been in banned league for months already, and i have pvped with u a couple of times. so im sure u’re one of us.

Kajfik is very much in the normal league I have absolutely 0 clue where you got that idea from but please refrain from harassing them further :smile:

I kinda liked test dummy. He worked well for just that purpose. Had 3.09m HP :flushed: Takes me about 10-12 rounds to finally Knock him over, LOL. My hand cramped so bad I couldn’t let go of my lance for hours…

Seriously, we need a toon like this in the AI Contol feature. Vote Test-Dummy for AI Control :+1:t2::joy:

Damn like almost all these reported people are the ones i cant defeat… No wonder i keep loosing wew hahah but glad most of them are eliminated hHah sucks to be them! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:

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Question to the devs:
can’t you just check such items automatically in the game, instead of relying on manual reports? O_o

The problem with implementing such a system is that dungeon quest has various “legacy items” which are gear you can’t get anymore because the legends changed at some point and unfortunately anyone who has been playing for long enough or is a tester probably has some of these and would end up getting banned because of it and we don’t want to punish some of the oldest fans of DQ for having an underwhelming eternal item :smile:

An example of a legacy item:

I see… but couldn’t you exclude them like:

  • if character was created after X date, enable auto-banning rules
  • if in group “tester”, allow these items

Anyway, I was just curious ; )

I don’t know would be interesting to look at and yissss I know :3c hope that was a satisfactory answer :smile:

that OP item can you gift it to me lol




@tdaniel i think you have a favorable player. Before you banned a player you will quite sure that this player is totaly a cheater i am right???

But why F00kee back at normal league ? i see him in banned leauge . Why??? Because you banned him , and why they come back at normal league ?? I think you have unfair decition . Unfair to all player who reported as a cheatet And also unfair to those player you banned even you cannot prove it clearly like malunya. .

TO ALL PLAYERS in banned league even if your not a cheater . If you want to come back on normal league just report a cheater also. Like f00kee did. :sunglasses: a cheater report a cheater .

… uuuuuh what? F00kee has never been a cheater or placed into the banned league I have no clue what you are talking about :confused: as for the other bit if anyone thinks there is a problem with a flag that has been cast against there account in game Tdanial has already said that it is as simple as sending support an email or DMing him to resolve the issue :smile:

yes, i was put in a banned league but that doesnt mean i cheated. my account was automatically flagged as part of the system they have in place to identify manipulated accnts. They reviewed and verufied that my accnt was not manipulated and ive explained everythng to them. This happens especially we are playing on test patches and im not the first one the be flagged. I find no pride in cheating. I only have 1 eternal pet, less than 10 obsidian and 7 elixir and ive spent hundreds of hours and real money in this game. Theres a lot of cheater and notorious exploiters here but there are still some who plays legit.


I know someone who got banned for having 2B gold (now his gold is 5B). That guy has been playing for over 2 years. Spent money on the game, hundrends if not thousands of hours played. Account was reviewed and unbanned. Same with Malunya, if you’ve seen his account screenshot you’ll know that this guy was really UPSET and EMBARASSED to be called a cheater because he isnt.

The devs has been fair in restoring our accounts. We support the game, we play the game, we teach the ones playing legit and we bash cheaters…and we will continue to do so.


HI Athena,

I think your post is a prime example that we DO review any bans that may have been mistakes and we take action to correct any bans (automatic or otherwise) that are unnecessary.

Thanks for being passionate about the fair treatment of all players!

If I can help with anything else please let me know.


division 1 is the banned league?