[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers


u didnt get my point. so which division is the banned league?


Normal arena is divided into leagues (Epic, Mythic, Eternal,…) and each of this leagues is divided into a couple of divisions. To progress from say Legend to Mythic league you must fight through all the divisions in the Legend league, from the last division to division 1 and then once you fight through Legend league divison 1 you are put into Mythic league divison 8 (or the last one, I dont know how much divisions each league has).

The banned league is a separate section of arena, where you are put once you are banned from normal arena. I am not there but I think it is divided into leagues and division like the normal arena.

If you are in the normal arena you only fight against players in the normal arena.
If you are in the banned arena you only fight against players in the banned arena.

So the question “Which division is the banned league?” is kind of hard to answer since all the divisions are normal or banned depending on which arena you are currently in.


In normal league players are too weak.

In banned league playera are too strong beacuse of lot of experience in crafting .
×5 stronger players in banned league than normal league. I

In normal league the player farming over a year
In banned league the player farming in days only

Experience in crafting build makes you stronger
thats the reason why players in normal league are too weak .


Also having cheated items makes you stronger.

But I agree that if some top cheater from banned league made a normal account and farmed and crafted without cheating, he would probably be the top 1 in normal league with good AI toon.


yah lots of strong player in ban coz they cheating XD who compliments ur title of being strong if you use cheat?


Incountered this earlier… Is this legit?


Yes 24K damage is very possible legitimately :smile:


Hahaha that is amazing!!! Cant wait to get my hands on those items hahaha


Oh just wait once you get your gear just right you can really just pull off some insane damage :wink:


Woah @Griffin012 !!! Is that your noisy cricket or your BFG?! :flushed:


BFG all the way there’s a reason I leave my ai off :wink:


Thought my toon was doin good at 20-30k…bubble burst…pop…

Edit: and I only hit those numbers on Crit or DS.


My Wizard is a unique character indeed it’s built very weirdly compared to almost everything out there and it does not play fair one bit }:3


I’ve been in the banned league. Legit and banned are both division 1. At first I thought it was div 0.


Welcome back @Malunya


Thanks @PeaceDog. You’re that rogue right? Nice build! :smile:


TY, so is your build! Glad to see u back & imagine our toons will run into each other soon :+1:t2::beers:


I was facing someone just now and I was winning the fight, completely one sided, then from across the map I just suddenly dropped dead. I looked at the stats it says torrent crit my whole health… How is this possible if the player never came closer than 40ish yards from me? There were no torrents near me I was still standing in starting position shooting Ricochets.


This is because you can build a build designed to 1 shot lower health people with your torrents :smile:


Looks like a serious case of the CVs :mask:. Take one perseverance & call @Griffin012 in the morning.