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Where’s the perfect affix there?




6 Torrent?




@kiane_zaine Eternal Items can have Crystal Affixes if they have an affix that is on the list of affixes that can be created with Obsidian. I think the item you were asking about in the (Report Thread) had a Crystal Crit Damage Affix. now, if the item in the Codex doesn’t have Epic Crit Damage, then it can’t have Crystal Crit Damage if it is Eternal.


Hahahaha wat the…




I think I have an awesome eternal pet but it’s a character i don’t play with. Pity you can’t jasper
pets :triumph:


@ZARAKI haha, that looks like the Crystal Pet Shibe with the Special Power to Weaken all Enemies with 1 hit. there was someone who got posted a few months ago in the Cheat Thread who had 4 or 5 of the same Legend affix on their Pet. I think it was Explosion or Reflect Damage or something like that. oh wow, I forgot to hit reply. oops! :blush: (started writing about 2-3 hours ago and got distracted)
@dickwad haha, you don’t need Jasper for Pets, they can be used by any Class. now if you could change the affixes on Eternal Pets…that would be interesting, but also a game breaker, I think.





What the heck kind of pet is that?:joy:


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modified! modified!


please take action






Jasper one class eternal to another class means that every skill or talents gets to the new class equivalent. So yes. If I see this post again I will scream.


Here are some of my jasperd items to demonstrate