Displayed Weapon DPS and actual DPS?

Hey guys, I’m kinda new to the game.

I am wondering how the weapon damage works

This is my current weapon (95k DPS)

and my stats (343k DPS)

and then I got a new one (54k DPS with less attack speed and w/o mythstone)

and here’s my new stat (553k DPS)

I am so confused right now, shouldn’t my DPS be lower using the new chakram?

Here’s another off topic question: I experimented with the whirling chakrams spawned like what Periphery does, but they spawn [color=#BFFF00]immediately when the normal chakrams go out[/color] (instead of spawning them [color=#BFFF00]on return[/color]). This only works on [color=#FF0000]coated arcane chakrams[/color]. I tried coating fire/ice/shock/poison chakrams but these don’t spawn. Is this an affix or something?

The DPS on the item only desplays the item DPS. The one on the stat page displays all DPS factors from the rest of your equipment too.

Arcane element has an Elemental Crit called Orbit. It creates a spiralling orb from you. This is NOT a Chakram. Coat Weapon as stated in the skill description gives 100% Elemental Crit.

the only equipment changed is the weapon, all other 5 are the same

Like I said, the DPS in the stat page includes all factors. It just means that your equipment works better with one item compared to the other.

Ah i see! Thanks for such a quick reply :stuck_out_tongue:
So I should stick to the one with higher DPS shown the my stats right?

Since you are new and still learning, yes. The stat page is much more reliable than the General UI DPS. Also did you see my edited post about Coat Weapon?

yep noticed that. Didn’t know there is a thing called orbit