Now that throwing hatchets have 0.5s cool down it seems that attack speed is useless with offhand skills after the patch. Prayer also doesn’t heal with toss anymore WTF!

you must post this as bug report

Read the patch notes.

I have read it 3x already and still haven’t seen anything about prayer won’t heal when you use offhand primary skill.

I just tested for you, i dont know if it is intentional or a bug but only Scalp(Any offhand special skill) heals from Prayer, and Toss(any offhand main skill) does not heal from Prayer.

And according to the Patch Notes, only prayer healing off of % of base hp was mentioned:

So you can maybe write a bug report or wait for a dev or mod to reply?

EDIT: Now that I think of it, it does indeed make sense, spamming offhand main skill, is stupidly OP and broken…And plus the OH Special skill has an incredibly low cooldown and still heals prettily OP high , i remember mine healed like 39k, now it heals 26k(still pretty high if you asked me), I can still tank a huge pack size w/o any hp per hit or hp regen and without moving at all.

[quote=“Violetisfat, post:5, topic:9573”]Toss(any offhand main skill) does not heal from Prayer.

What device are you using? I have to to look into this.

I am sorry. This is a very surprising bug as it worked fine just before the public release.

No problem Sir clogon I just hope it gets fixed asap coz I can’t farm floor 700+ without it.

i change my warrior build cuz of this 0.5 cd lel yup its pretty OP b4 specially w/ prayer. the living force nerf was big too