Dmg number value

gooday im not really good in numbers just wna ask bout this dmg… i often see min200-max 3000+b dmg on my frozen explosion but sometimes i see 6-7 numbers when deadly proc upon xploding

ex 1234567.1233b
ex 123345.1234b
are this already considered trillions or quad?

million 6 zero
billion 9 zero
trillion 12 zero

still hard to understand in game cuz when u hit 1200000M the display value will be 1.2m
if u hit 3 200 000 000 display value will be 3.200b… in game doesnt really display the exact number of 0 @Eater

Looks indeed like trillion and quadrillion… so possible that you are hitting quadrillion if you see that many numbers after b

yeah kinda distruction for example
123456789123B = 1 trillion dmg?xD

@Eater @Violetisfat actually im also shock myself cuz normally my explosion would deal 300m - 7000b or more but rarely isee this dmg spike long number 5-7 digit w/ .3658. frozen ftw haha

well about that I cannot explain it more sorry mate because im not a DMG type im a fastkill enough dmg to kill them :smile:

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