Do any of the ascensions effect hireling?


Hello before i ascend my hireling i wanted to check if they even help at all if your using the character as a hireling. If one or some of them do make a difference as a hireling please give me advice on which to choose, thanks!



Your hireling will gain the benefit of dealer. You can verify this easily. It’s worth it for that perk for sure.


Thanks for the fast response and reply. Is that the only one that will work on a hireling?


Well… I think the extra luck and gold find will help too because it keeps the average between you and hired a little higher.


Dealer is the only ascension that works on hirling.


Right… but if you have 500 luck and hireling has none, it lowers your avg, no?


Yes. It ends up becoming 250% luck overall since 500÷2= 250% .


So… then the luck perk does indirectly help. :slight_smile:


What is the color pallete of the final ascension?
I got violet now.


Green. Like eternals.

Normal - Gray
Magic - Blue - 1st Ascension
Epic - Orange - 2nd Ascension
Legend - Red - 3rd Ascension
Mythic - Purple - 4th Ascension
Eternal - Green - 5th Ascension