Do Elemental Crit deal Crit DMG?

Wizard’s my class, and I read a post here that Crit Chance and Crit DMG are important to max out (it was weeks ago).
Since then, I have been wondering if the Poison’s elemcrit which is Poison Cloud could deal a Crit DMG?
Because of this, I have 45% critChance and about 210% critDMG.
I don’t want to waste some slots of my gears.
All response would be greatly appreciated, ciao!

anything that causes damage has a chance to cause a critical hit except for Crushing Blow & Crushing Flames.

if you want to make a good damage with your Poison Build…

Plagued Set. Plagued Set (5) gives you +125% to your Poison DoT damage for every enemy that is poisoned. since Toxic (Poison Cloud) damage is 400% of your Poison DoT, that means lots of damage.

Sorcery Talent. Sorcery 20 increases your Poison DoT +100%. Sorcery 40 is +200%.

Blight. Blight is the Elemental Crit Damage for Toxic. it can increase Toxic damage +100%, and you can have up to 6 on your equipment. with just one, your Toxic will do 800% Poison DoT damage for 5 seconds instead of 400%.

Fester. this increases the speed of your Poison DoT, but I’m not sure if it increases the duration, as Poison DoT is already 8 seconds. this is kind of hard to test, so… but this is also how long the increased speed of your Poison DoT lasts. Fester 20 is 1.5 Poison DoT a second for 2 seconds. Fester 40 is 2 Poison DoT a second for 4 seconds.

from what I know, your enemies would be taking damage from your attacks, Poison DoT, and Toxic DoT. for the DoT’s only the one doing the most damage is used.

if your attack does a critical hit, your Poison DoT will be based on that damage. and each Poison DoT has a chance to critical hit.
Toxic damage is based on your Poison DoT damage before it critical hits.
Toxic DoT damage also has a chance to critical hit.

if your attack does 1000 damage and critical hits for +200% crit dmg, thats 3000 damage.
Poison DoT is 10% of attack damage a second for 8 seconds. so 300 damage. if you have Sorcery 20 and hit 4 enemies with Plagued Set (5), that is 300 x 2 x 6 = 3600. 3600 x 3 (crit) -10.8k damage.

Toxic with 2 Blight is 1200 DoT damage. 3600 (Poison DoT) x 12 = 43.2k damage. 43.2k x 3 (crit) = 129.6k crit damage.

so 45% of your attacks are 3k damage.
45% of your Poison DoT’s are 10.8k damage (if your attack was a critical hit).
45% of your Toxic DoT’s are 129.6k damage (based on 4 enemies poisoned and your attack is a critical hit).

hope this helps.


You never miss @Golem, thanks again for ur response!!
I can now sleep at night, loll.


lol :sleeping_bed: :zzz: .

even I’m still learning how to bump up the damage. there are so many ways to do that, and not all of them work with every Build.