Do i get it right?

Ok so since i come back im a bit lost, here i present what i have understand from what i read in forum, please tell me if im right :

  • farm in highest level at a difficulty level you can 1/3 shot mobs
  • Farm gold so you can convert your legendaries into stones
  • multiple sockets items are the best (??)

And the usual stuff about %luck %gold etc.,

What do i miss to understand the current metagame ?
If you have any tips, any items name i should farm in priority to not get stuck à long time in the floor 200 in normal mode …

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Nadroji items. Ring and Amulet in particular. Then there are sets, crystal affixes, crystal legends, eternals, etc.

Current meta involves min-maxing (getting each and every affix working optimally in conjunction with each other)

Just keep playing and build a farm set first. Pretty easy with Satyr/Faun sets just dropping around. Not very expensive too.

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Is there any guides présenting this item ? I dont really know what i am looking for tho

Here is the wiki. In conjunction with the codex, I think most of the important infos are covered.

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