Do you get more Super Rare Crystals in higher difficulties?

It seems like I get more super rare crystals in level 600 Mythic 3 than in level 600 lower difficulties, does anyone know if this is true?

That’s correct your mythstone and crystal rarity increases per 100 floor (max at 500 floor)

@f00kee sorry I should be more specific about my question. I’m actually asking about the level difficulty as it pertains to Crystals and Mythstones.

So, for example say I do:

  1. Level 500 Very Easy mode with 350% item find


  1. Level 500 Mythic 3 mode with 350% item find as well (Fortune the same in both modes too)

Am I more likely to get super rare Mythstones and Crystals in 2. (Lvl 500 Mythic 3) rather than in Lvl 500 Very Easy difficulty?

I’m asking this because when I farm higher difficulties of the same floor # it seems like I’m finding more super rare Crystals and Mythstones. Am I imagining this?

Luck probably helps you get rare crystals more often than without luck. But I don’t know, it’s the thing you would need to test for days of playing to have some results what have impact on Crystal drop.

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Unless something fundamental has changed, the stat Luck does not affect crystal and mythstone drops whatsoever. The item drop stat affects how many might drop in a map, and the more that drop the better the chance at getting better CS and MS. Think of it like buying multiple lottery tickets, where the odds of winning an obsidian are still 1:1000000 but now you have any more chances at 1:1000000 each.