Does angelic work for special skills with discordance?

Angelic boosts damage for skills with a cd below 1 sec. if I use discordance with a skill like twister to being the cd below 1 sec will Angelic work? Or will it only work for skills that are innately at 1 sec or below cd?



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Does increased aps work on discordance’d specials?

Thanks cuzegspiked. I was looking at my build today and it had angelic and I was like why did I have this again? Did I test it?

Does The boost from angelic not show on the damage page? I just tested it on my twister build and all other things staying the same, removing angelic does. It change anything on the twister damage page.

Just tested and it looks like the damage page doesn’t change in guidedshot. It should work for guided shot though so I guess it’s just another affix that isn’t reflected properly.

Hi. I didnt want to open a new topic.
In the dmg page (after using angelic and discordance) it shows the multishot got 2,7sec cd and guidedshot got 0 sec. In reality it is the opposite with discordance. However, does dmg and aps bonus of angelic work on multishot or on guidedshot? Thanks a lot.