Does anyone know or have a list of set affixes that you can get from opening legend reward chest

i’m just curious if you can get “ultra rare” set affixes like nadroji, mealstrom, defiant, etc.

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its random mate :smiley:

Ow that means you just have to really lucky to get what you want especially those ultra rare sets…thanks man

No you cannot get things like nadroji because they only drop from epic tier and up enemies but you can get anything else out of them assuming you’re on the right floor :slight_smile: :+1:

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Then if i open chest while i’m at floor 800 (where usually you can every legend items except elements set which is at 1000) i will have the chance to get 7DS set or epiphany set from it?

I think its a big NO. since they can only be drop by epic + rarity mobs.

Ow…i guess i should save my chests until i get there and make a little experiment about it…thanks a lot for the replies :smile:

just save enough legend chest to convert to eternal chest. then open it. pray 100 times that its eternal trophy. hahaha

Yah…eternal trophy would be a good addition if i make a proper PvP build…hahah

open your chest when you reach eternal league for a higher chance to get eternal trophy

Yes because those legends are not confined to dropping from epic tier enemies

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Can you have a higher chance if you have luck affixes and nadroji/crystalline set +5 in your equiped items while opening those chest?

Actually that shouldn’t affect the legend chests at all as far as I’m aware all though the lower tier ones I believe it may :slight_smile:

Ow well…thanks a lot Mr. @Griffin :smile:

Glad to help out :smile: :+1:


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Arent players considered elite enemies

Yes but they don’t drop legends and the chests don’t account for players being elite .

Oohhh thanks for clearing that up

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