Does Bombardier Talent and Element Affix on Pet stack?

Does it procs add to each other or it procs independently? as the bombadier talent description says

rank% chance to cast another bomb after using bomb
and pet affix almost same description but with different element.

It acts like specialist where it has a chance to proc when I already proc, instead of chance to double cast skill. It’s basically a chance to double cast the proc so if you proc smokebomb, you have a chance to proc 2 at once.

Okay I understand now. But why does my everytime I saw my hireling I can see many bombs at once? Is it because of my eternal heipao(deadly arts) affix on my armor?
One more question, when does bomb proc its deadly strike? is it the explosion or the elemental crit(e.g poison cloud)? When i tried using my hireling as main Im confused how the heck my skills resets its cooldown even im not attacking on my mainhand…I will post a screenie

I can cast 3-4 bombs consecutively , cd resets at times… my deadly strike is 75%. Is the Deadly Arts affix bugged? it is 5% chance to reset all cd right?

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5%. Well when you deadly strike alot , it doesn’t feel small % since it’s 5% per deadly strike.

75% deadly strike means 75% of the time , Crits are deadly strike so you are gonna deadly strike fairly often with 45% crit chance (55% actually after adding crystal affix) or more.

If you crit 55% of the time but deadly strike 75% of the time , you can imagine deadly arts easily resetting the CD.

Even 5% reset CD seems like more than enough if you end up having so many deadly strikes .

In PvP, if you managed to deadly strike a lot, it would be powerful for resetting CD but also you’d reduce DMG up to 24% or so. That’s deadly arts in a nutshell.

The point is , I would say not bugged , especially at 75% deadly strike. Not everybody uses over 30% deadly strike either so yeah it’s very good.

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