Does externalized still need nadroji?

Does eternal Drop rate is separate from legend or Externalized Set increase the chances of legend to be Externalized?

Please help me. I just wasted my legend dust in unlocking SDS armor and don’t let me use quartz crystal hoping that the negative value is the only one who will be removed. What’s worst is that it set the set value to 0. It can’t be combined with other items. The most useless item in the game. I thought that it is the most imba items since it has a pet set.

I will go for luck build for now. So hoping for a bigger eternal Drop rate since salvaging it gives. 20 dust.

the Negative Affixes on SDS Items CAN’T be taken off. there are a bunch of posts about this.

SDS Set Affixes cancel +All Set Affixes & +All Set Myth Stone. mentioned in the Set Description.

although I also think SDS is kind of useless, I do want to try some Builds with it. most Players use it as a Farm Build. one Player mentioned making a Floor Climbing Build with it, but I can’t remember how far he got, less than 2500 I think. and @dickwad made a good SDS PVP Build. so it’s not totally useless.

one of the Mod’s mentioned in a Post that Eternal Items have a 1% chance to drop. high Luck increases the chances of Legend drops, with each of them having a 1% chance to be an Eternal drop.

Eternalized Set increases the chance for Legends to drop as Eternals by +50% per Rank. Eternalized (5) gives +250%, or a 3.5% chance for a Legend to be Eternal. if you have the Treasured Perk, 300% is added to this, so you could have +6.5% chance. Eternalized (8) with Treasured Perk gives 8% chance for Eternal Drops.

don’t forget that it costs 5,000 Gold per Dust you get from any Legend, Crystal, Mythic, or Eternal Item. that’s 100k Gold per Eternal Item. when Patch 3.0 came out, I converted lots of Legends to Dust, but ran out of Gold. this was in my Noob days when I didn’t know what a Farm Build was. I was using an Imp to convert all my Items to Legends, so I also didn’t have any Items to sell for Gold either. that makes me a Super Noob, I think.


I see, so I still need nadroji for legend drop rate to increase then externalized for it to be eternal legend.
And now that you say that gold is a must to have. Then maybe I unlock dealers perks first Then buy all legend available in store.

when you buy Items in the Shop, make sure you have your Farm Build on. the Shop says it increases the chances of Items becoming better Items, and wearing your Farm Build increases the chances even more for Items to become better Items.

Nadroji Set just increases the chance to drop Rare Items. it looks like it means Items that are only dropped by Powerful Enemies (Epic, Legend, & Mythic monsters. the Orange, Red, & Purple ones). you don’t really need Nadroji if you are just farming for Legend+ Items for Dust. just high Luck. in addition to Dealer Perk for selling Items for 1000% of their value, Fortunate Perk adds 200% over Cap to Luck & Gold Find and adds +5 yards radius to your Pick Up Items.

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Thanks man

I try imp and it really gives me legend lol. Now I know. Thanks man

Sad thing is that I don’t have any to be sold. Maybe I adjust my looting threshold to Unique

Wait. Does imp give random or it improves the quality of the highest grade it eats?

Nahhh it is random.

My experience is that when you drop a legend item then your more likely to drop the eternal version. I’ve never dropped an eternal version of an item which I haven’t already found as a legendary one

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the Item Tiers that are picked up by Imps are Normal (Grey), Magic (Blue), Rare (Yellow), & Epic (Orange). go to Options and choose what you pick up, and the Imp will pick up the rest. if you put the setting on Rare, the Imp picks up all Normal & Magic Items.

when the Imps picks up 5 of one Tier of Items, they are converted to 1 Item of the next Tier, with a chance to be a higher Tier. 5 Normal = 1 Magic. 5 Magic = 1 Rare. and so on. with high Luck, you get fewer Normal & Magic Tier Items and more of the Rare & Epic Tier Items, so this speeds up getting Legend Items with an Imp. Eternalized also improves the chances of the Imp dropping Eternals.

if you have +200% Item Drop, then your Imp has more Items to pick up and convert, which means more Legends and more chances for Eternals! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :astonished:

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