Does mindful affect druidic?

First off im speaking of the warrior item talent mindful . At level 19 ( not 20 because its on a green ) mindful says - element affected enemies give +475% mp regen .

And for druidic the set skill at (5) HP and MP regen+ 125% poison dot dmg* (hp+mp regen)/4000

First off I can notice the effects of mindful when they kick in as far as my mp bar never moves lol. But I dont notice a change in the stats menu on my mp regen stat ( is this a bug ? )

So what im asking is if your mp regen is up 425% would this up the effect of druidic ?


I think this is a thing of direct and indirect, i dont play warrior but base on the description you said, it need enemies to triger the effect of mindful.

Thanks for the reply aztral. I guess my real question then is when mindful is triggered and active does that bonus then have a bonus effect to the druidic set ?

In my own understanding, it cant affect ur statboard, the only thing that can affect your statboard is those direct affix like 1000 mp regen.
Mindful affect your druic effect but it doesnt shows in stat board.
Sorry for my bad english, im not really good at explaining,im trying to help in every way i can :cold_sweat:

@cronos4321 @f00kee Noted because I know you guys have decent warriors. I would like to help, but I have no clue.

mindful should effect druidic with mp regen, But i dont know if mindful bonus effect will go beyond cap or not, currently hp/mp regen cap is 30k. if it go beyond cap then it really good to go, but if it use cap and then if u already have capped MP regen, mindful will be useless. this question more to mechanism lol, i think @SteigerBox can help.