Does Sadism + Mirror image?

Just curious if anyone knows if Sadism works with Mirror Images.

Or does Mirror image not count as minions?


I’ve read somewhere that mirror images are treated as summoned units.

Yes they are treated as summon. The hero points of mirror image adds summon dmg% too. I mean you do summon them after all in DQ.

Other summons include: Fury, Minion, Guardian , Apocalypse Mythic Fury. I think Skullshield /Skulldraga can be treated as summon. Skulldraga can have summon HP%.

I thought Sadism affects Minions and usually when it says minions , they mean the Minion skill from Tome or Recall, although if you see Mirror Images taking off HP, then sure.

confirm? Deny?

Looks like i’ll end up testing it out.

Thanks peeps.

Good thing you can test easier thanks to dust crafting in codex.

Edit: Minions don’t take off your HP but they do gain DMG from your missing HP% which is good.

S&M Build lol. Sadism with Masochism would work well and then test Bloodmagic on it. BS&M .

Just another set that starts on D and it will be called BDSM :joy::joy: