Dose the effective mythic work with crushing flames?

So im working on a new build, and im considering one of 2 mythics for the flame cloak build, effective, or dauntless. Im playing a wizard with the only health related thing being crystaline health on one of its peices as it mainly centers around dealing ludicrous amounts of damage just for being in my general vicinity. My fear with efective is that mabey it changes the element to what ever my oponent is weak to makeing crushing flames useless because i would sudenly be dealing say poison damage and there for can not imolate people to make crushing flames acticate. But im not sure if thats the case. But then again im not sure i should go for efective, because that bonus defence from duantless would realy help with the fact wizards are imfamously glass cannons. So what are your thoughts?

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Effective doesn’t change your skill element.
So CF doesn’t get changed .

Crushing blow is not affected by anything except the set bonus, so your element doesn’t matter for the CB proc

I think effective is not so good in general,

Maps can roll with + enemy affix, sometimes this can add resistances to the enemy. Enemies can also get extra affix based on rarity so some mobs can greatly resist multiple elements at once.

If a fire mob, who is usually weak to ice, suddenly greatly resists ice, your effective is switching your damage to ice and reducing it.

I think Dauntless was changed to 3% reduction per mob? Good for clearing but against legend or mythic enemies it will not help much.

Maybe put your resource mythic (alchemy, energy, etc.) on the ring if you can, other slots (helm, armour, etc.) may have better mythics for the build,

Really interesting idea I hope you can get something out of it, would love to see it work


Effective like Ignore ressist (ruby)


Ignore Resist means you ignore all and any of an enemies resists. Fire, Ice, Shock, and Poison cause damage like Arcane Element. this means no enemies are 50% resistant to their map elements attacks. it also means you don’t need to worry about Greatly resist Elements and Immune to Element. on the bad side, no elements are weak to your attacks, so no Effective damage. Effective Mythic and Weaken don’t work with IR.

Effective Mythic doesn’t actually change your Element, but causes your attack, no matter what it’s element is, to do the +25% damage to any enemy as if it was weak to your attack. no more -50% damage on maps with the same element as your attack. and you are getting the extra damage on the side Element maps. like a Poison Attack being effective against Fire & Ice! this makes using Weaken a little bit more effective. downside is when enemy is Greatly resist to the element you’re effective against. and I think Immune still works against Effective Mythic, but I’ve been using Weaken and Ignore Resist for so long, I don’t remember.