Double Mitigate Double Headache 😂

Can anyone please explain the very easiest explanation about

“Double Mitigate”

Is it like DMG Reduction but with high doubles the effect? Or something that make my head doubles the headache :laughing::laughing::laughing:

When you’re at the damage reduction step, you have a chance to reduce the damage again by the same amount of reduction.

Say you have 80% damage reduction and 25% Double Mitigate:

  • in 75% of the cases you reduce your damage by 80%.
  • in 25% of the cases you reduce your damage by 1 - 20% * 20% = 96%.

Your average damage reduction thus becomes:

  • 1 - (75% * 20% + 25% * 20% * 20%) = 84%.




As long as the value high enough :smile: for double mitigate. For PvP , only 4.5% or lower change of activation so maybe not worth it.

In PvE, legend affix is only highest up to 12.5% but the bonus is higher of course and I think you can add more and maybe there’s a cap.

Double Strike calculated in a similar way but for damage. When at damage step, you have a chance to deal the same damage again:

I think this is how it works.

If I had 25% Double Strike.

  • 75% of the time , damage as normal.
  • 25% of the time , you deal the same damage twice.

    If I dealt 1B damage, there’s the chance to deal it again by the same variable. That variable could be a dot, attack, elemental critical, critical, deadly strike and even sets like Frozen. This can be potent in high hit frequency.
    I also think it would be very good with frostbiting and Frozen Explosions.

    It’s probably worth it depending on the build . The affix did confuse me but I thought maybe it’s what I think it is.

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    When the computer and calculator talks about numbers,…


    By the way I understand some. Thanks hahaha…


    would it be good to combo double strike with extra attack and multiattack?

    It works well yes when you have a skill that tames advantage of them.