Doubt whirlwind + sprint warrior

I need some help to improve my build 'cause i’m newbie and I don’t know what is better on this game because I always played 4fun and now I wanna be more hardcore player so…
Which ring I should use?
This armor is the best or I should get another?
which adds I should put on empty sockets and why?
And I should change the element of my build or shock is okay?

Poison is the best choice for pve, swap all your elements on poison
U need this affixs:
Ignore resist
Plagued (set affix)
+2 all sets (nadroji ring, or mythstone +2 all sets)
Poison dmg%

An axe for first time a good, on it there is blight (if u swap element on poison), and nice wpd.
The amulet is good, but then if you need a place to affix, remove all skills and all talents, NOT SET NUMBERS.
Helm nice, just change affixs

Look through the code, there you will find plagued and drudic items, there you will find something to complement your build

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Uhu got It, but i have to use both plagued and drudic? I’ve started a use a armor called wildhide that gives me ignore resist and drudic affix