developers want to upgrade new weapons, floors? because I played for years and nothing has changed

at the moment, the Dev’s are working on DQ 2, so they haven’t been working on much content for DQ. but they do visit the Forums with updates or to deal with any problems or bugs.

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Yep. The devs do care though.

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That is a fair criticism @Law

We have not been doing a great job of updating DQ1. We hope everyone will like what we have been working on for our follow up game and we hope that wait for the players is worth it. It is hard from a developer side (not making excuses/not trying to sound “whiny” here) to know when to show/talk about a new game when that game does not look how you want the final game to look.

While we can say “we are working on DQ2” we really don’t have anything we could show to back that claim up. We have worked in this business for a while now (12+ years) and we know from experience how badly you can hurt a games reputation by showing it off early.

Thanks for posting and have a Happy :turkey: day if you are here in the States!


Happy thanksgivings from the U.K.

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