Download limit has been reached

3 hours for reaching the limit ? after all the bulshit on disconects are you f… kidding me ? can soemone help me ?

What disconnects are you referring to? Our game is offline…where are you seeing disconnects?

after i trie to download the hereo

Ok, let me try to understand.

You are getting disconnected while you are attempting to download your save game, right?

for short yes

Ok, I will have a look on my end.

What is your DQ Account email address?, (Direct message me this do not reply in this thread)

how can i do that(the withe mesage? at the top?

how can i direct message you ?

? realy no directions ?

you click on my forum name

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Ok, you should be able to download now.


thx have a nice one

? After I quitted before … and plan to come back . Why am I facing this again? And this time it become more hours in waiting ? Ban someone fix ?

Everyone who downloads has a three hour delay before they can download again. This isn’t just your account.

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Impossible to back my account?

Can you help me too, i can download my hero, limit reached abaout 3000h+