Download limit

Did anyone face this too?

, after I installed the 3.0 version . And try download my account , this is what happens ! WTF ! HOW MANY DOWNLOAD LIMIT FOR A SINGLE ACCOUNT? REALLY? THIS ISNT HELPING :sob::sob::sob:

Upload/download exploits where unfortunately an all to common form of cheating so a download limit had to be implemented with this patch which added in a couple of new mechanics that mitigated the need for the exploit in the first place but would also allow for even heavier abuse of the save system if it was left unchecked

Ow , my last enslaver hunting :scream::scream::scream: I was downloaded up to 10x or more , that was just I was angry in finding my eternal SHIBE :sob::sob: sorry for that :fearful: .

It’s fine just can’t abuse it anymore :smile::+1:

Can you , refresh it? I can’t still download :sob::sob::sob: I want to play now !!!

DQ server wanna have a rest in V3.0 :joy:
You know it donwload and upload some very very similar data from same account hundreds times per day :joy:

They are tired :mask: or sick

This gonna be out of topic, but why would you limit the download stuff?? :frowning: I cant play now need to wait for 3hours

Also wheres the pvp stats screen? I’d expect it on v3. Guess Ive to wait longer :sadparrot:

Its because of those people who abuse the upload/download… And why would you keep on uploading and downloading anyways, just play on one device. :v::v::v::v::v:

I admit I used to do it (back then when stacking multiatk can get u 1mil dmg and become one of top dmg rank), but thats not the case today… already explained tht somewhere, but I dont wanna repeat myself here.
Still, after all this time they finally fixed it :smile: I didnt see tht comin.

One device is easy to do if you know what you’re doing :slight_smile: . Even if it’s a tablet, you can always fit the tablet in a bag/pocket or hand and play DQ a bit.

Also when battery run out , play while charging or power bank.

Although battery life is a big issue of some things tbh. Flight mode when in doubt.

Good thing about 1 device is no need to constantly download and even if you uploaded and lost said device, the data in cloud.

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I only used that feature once cause I got a new phone

More upload than download. Hahaha

Did it on my first mythic enemy. Ended up converting the item :joy: