Download/upload dq account

I’ve seen a post regarding the download and uplaod accs but it was way back 2017 or something. I want to transfer my account to my new phone but I can’t download my latest save file. Does the devs still reseting the account to fix this issue? What should I do?

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@tdaniel help me please :pensive:

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that was concerning an exploit that the Dev’s fixed with a 3 hour wait between downloads in Patch 3.0.

hopefully @tdaniel will see this post soon and help you.

welcome to DQ!

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If you have a new device you should be able to download to that device by logging into the account system on your new device and pressing download.

Can you describe the issue you are having?

Is there a time limit before you can download that save game?

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I do have an save file but the thing is it was way back my 3rd re-run. I’m on my 5th rn and i was really grinding everytime to finish up my build before going into higher floor.

Ok, so please help me understand what your issue is.

Do you want to upload your current save game data to the DQ account? Or do you want to download the old save game that is currently on the DQ Account system?

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I want to upload my current data but i already have a file that is preventing me to do so, it says “you cannot upload this account data on the server already exist” sorry my internet is having a problem and can’t upload any photos rn. There was some players talking about 3 hour rule or something, please enlighten me. Thankyou so much @tdaniel

Ok, I can help with that.

Please send me a DM with your dq account email address.

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sent :grin:

I was reading the posts and was wondering, the data saved is from when you were playing on your old device, and you have a new device that you have started playing DQ on?

when you loaded DQ onto your new device, did you download the saved data on the DQ Cloud from your old device before you started playing? if you didn’t, that is probably why you can’t save data from your new device onto the DQ Cloud. the DQ Cloud is prioritizing the data from the old device, since it is still there. this is kind of a safety feature, to keep your friends/enemies or any strangers who get ahold of your device from taking over your game by putting it onto their devices.

basically, you either download the saved data from the Cloud over what you want to save and start over, or the Dev’s erase what is on the Cloud so you can upload (save) your current data onto the Cloud again.

good luck @tdaniel & hope things work out for your game @Neko .